Ben 10 Alien Coloring V2

Ben 10 is the young boy that becomes a hero because of the alien device Omnitrix. Though, it looks like a simple watch, the device is far complicated than that. It helps Ben to transform to any alien of whom, he wishes to transform. Actually, his transformation is not by choice, since he can only transform randomly. That makes it hard for him to fight the evil aliens, but he is learning how to use each alien heroes and the results are outstanding. That is something that cannot be taken from him - his learning capability of using the device well. In time, he would be the world greatest hero that this planet have against alien threat. But, that would take a long time.

The game is played via mouse and you need to color all the alien heroes with the surrounding. Though, the cartoon might help you with coloring, it isn't a bother to experiment with the coloring as you might find the artist in you. You can't tell if other people will appreciate your work unless you sho

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