Ben 10 – Memory Game 3

Ben has been helping the world to battle the evil aliens all over the world that would like to do the world some harm. He may not look like it, but he is really a powerhouse, not because he is big and powerful. The truth is that he is a skinny kid, but he has this Omnitrix which enables him to transform into 10 different aliens. The device randomly turns him into any of the 10 aliens. The Omnitrix can also collect DNA, to which Ben could transform. But, once that he entered a new DNA, one of the old DNA will be gone forever. That is how the rules go with the device, but this limit will soon be lifted as he will be able to transform into 10 thousand aliens when he aged. His new device will also allow him to choose which alien he wants to be.

In this game, Ben is already a teenager and some of the new aliens in this game can be seen here. The idea of the game is a memory game and the rule is simple, you just need to match all the alien character with the correct one

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