Ben 10 Find Me

Ben Tennyson is a fictional character that can transform into 10 different aliens at a time. It is created by a group known as "Man in Action," and is produced by Cartoon Network. The cartoon is about a boy that got in possession of one of the most powerful device in the world. With the help of the Omnitrix, he can transform randomly into 10 different aliens at a time. As he grows older, Asmutt decided to give him a much powerful device, to fight aliens that are way powerful than the aliens back when he is young. When he grow into an adult, he would become the best hero that the world got since by then, he can transform into 10, 000 different aliens and he can choose which alien he would like to be.

In this game, Ben is just a young boy with a knack for fighting aliens. The idea here is to find the character that the game want you to look. At first, you will be shown the heroes, but it will be shuffled afterwards and it is your goal to find them. When you find th

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