Ben 10 Math Race

If you want to be good at multiplication, one of the best ways to learn is the multiplication table. You simply have to master it and you will be good at that. Of course, there are other ways and some people might like it more than the multiplication table, but some won't like it. In this case, this game will present you with another option of learning multiplication the Ben 10 way. Yes, it will deal with aliens, so it would be more interesting for any of Ben 10's fans. If you want to try it, then you should learn the basics first.

The game is played via mouse and you need to get ahead of the race to win the it and move to the next level. But, you could only advance if your answer is correct. There will be a series of multiplication question presented to you and you need to answer it correctly. A you answer correctly, your car will advance to the race. You need to do that constantly so you will win the race eventually. if you answer wrong then your car will slow down. That won't win you any race and that will be the key to your defeat.

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