Ben 10: Alien Addition

Like any average kids, Ben don't like math problems. When Ben was in grade school, he has a hard time answering some addition problem, so he uses his aliens to solve the problem. He would always match them with certain numbers to remember the correct answer and it worked for him. Math has a secret and associating those numbers with someone or anything really helps in mastering math. As Ben grows up, he isn't afraid of math anymore as he knew that math becomes easier if it would be link with something that you like. That works for Ben very well, but whether or not that will work for you too remain the question.

The game is played with a mouse and you do need to click on the right answer for the problem presented to you. A shadow of an unknown alien will be presented together with the question. When you answered the problem correctly, the identity of the unknown alien is revealed and you proceed to the next question. Do it repeatedly until you manage to identify all the unknown alien in the game. When you finish the game, you will be good at addition problems and hopefully from then develops a liking on mathematics.

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