Ben 10 Alien Balls

Vilgax is one of Ben most hated and powerful enemies. He had created lots of trouble in the past and now that Ben is older, Ben is about to encounter more Vilgax than he can imagine. An evil being found a way to recreate lots of Vilgax and he isn't contented with just one. Ben sets out on a journey to find a way to stop to that evil ambition. This might mean the end of all if it can't be stopped. Ben's chance comes with the maturity since Vilgaxes will be hatched from eggs. He must stop them before they can come out of their shells or all things could seize to exist.

The game is played via mouse and you need to click on three or more pairs to eliminate it. The faster you eliminate pairs, the better since the stacks are rising and when that reaches the top, the game will be over. Time is not on your side and you need to finish each level as fast as you can before all is lost. The game mode is continuous so when you finish one level, you won't have the time to relax. Remember that more balls with the same characters will give a much higher score.

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