Ben 10 Alien Throw

For Ben, Four Arms is the strongest and he wants to prove it to the rest of the world. He boasted that he can throw any alien the farthest. Other aliens heard it and they want to know if Ben is indeed saying the truth about Four Arms. They know that Four Arms is not the strongest in the universe as there are more powerful beings than Four Arms. However, it is not known yet, which specie if the strongest in the universe. To find out, they have a contest that will show the strength of each alien. The contest requires a strong alien to throw another alien far. The one who throws an alien the farthest will be declared as the strongest.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to catch the falling alien and throw it as fast and as powerful as you can. You need to throw the alien the farthest so you could win the game. That won't be easy since catching the falling alien is not that easy. Add to that you need to throw it as fast as you can and hope that it will land the farthest. Where the alien landed will be marked by a huge boulder.

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