Ben 10 Addition Puzzle

Ben Tennyson is the 10 years old with the power to stop alien invasion. He may be young and self-centered, but he is the guy that people can rely on when there is an alien invasion. Those aliens are nothing compared to Ben and would certainly run away from the sight of the mighty young hero. However, like any guy, he has his weakness and that is with math problems. His math teacher once told him that the best way to solve math problems is by associating it with something he likes. Ben had thought of associating it with aliens since he always fight alien. So, that did the problem, his math problem today are no more.

The game is played via mouse and you need to drag the answer and drop it on top of the question. There is no time limit so you can enjoy the game without getting stress. Finish it anytime you want and nothing will change. This is a brain game and you need to focus on finding the right answer to the question beforehand. The game ends once you got all the answers correctly. Nothing will happen if you didn't get the right answer to the question.

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