Ben 10: Alien Hunter

Ben is the grandson of Max Tennyson, who is a PLUMBER. Plumbers are the ones that put a stop to an alien's evil plans. Of course, they do have alien members that help them to stop the bad ones. Most of the technology they have comes from the good aliens that are willing to help them in the battle. Aside from his Omnitrix, Ben is also entitled to use some of the alien technologies that his grandpa has. Of course, he needs to ask permission first before borrowing it as he is only a child.

The game is played with a mouse and a keyboard. There will be lots of missiles coming your way and you need to shoot them down as they will damage your spacecraft. The idea here is to keep shooting while moving. Your bullets will only reach the ones that you shoot using your mouse. It is advisable to click on the actual target to destroy it and not on the direction to where it will go. You can transform into an alien if there are glowing plus signs. Get another glowing plus sign to revert back to your old self. The game halts and ask you if you are ready to face the aliens if you are getting closer.

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