Ben 10: Jump

Ben is one of the most powerful being in the universe because he can transform into 10 different aliens. He might not look like it, but he is certainly among them. His transformation allows him to gain the positive aspect of the alien transformation, thus, allowing him to use their powers to work for the good of everyone. But, Ben was just an ordinary kid once. He was only lucky to find the omnitrix at the right time, or was it intended? In one episode, Asmutt knew that the Omnitrix will find him, so he sent the device to find the kid. Asmutt just don't yet what does he look like.

This game all about his power. Ben transforms into Four Arms and exploits its power by jumping higher than anyone. The game played via mouse and you need to catch the flying disc being thrown by the other aliens to complete a level. But beware, some disc aren't the ones that you need to catch. To launch him up in the sky, click and hold the left button, wait until Ben glows and then unleash the button to jump high. You can control his direction while up in the air with the mouse.

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