Ben 10: Difference

We all know that Ben an transform into 10 different aliens and each one of them has their powers. Of course, along with the strength, all of them has their weakness and that is why Ben needed to transform from one form into another to defeat evil aliens. If you have been watching the cartoon for a while then you might know all of the alien transformation. All of them are great, but Ben can only last in that form for a short time, and he would need to wait a few minutes before he is able to transform into another alien. Also, the fact that Ben can't actually choose which alien to use is truly bothersome. That is why, he needs to understand every alien to be able to use their full potential.

In this game, you will need to identify them so we can easily tell if something is wrong with the two pictures. The game is about difference, meaning that we need to find the difference between the pictures. It can be hidden in the alien, Ben, or even the surrounding. the game is played via mouse and there is a time limit. You need to get all the difference before timer stops.

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