Ben 10: Gwen Bio Puzzle

When Gwen Tennyson got expose to chemical weapon, everyone thought that she would die in an instant or later. Anyway, time is not the issue here as they thought that Gwen would eventually die. However, since Gwen is part alien, her alien powers somehow kick-in and mix with the chemical to which she was exposed. Now, her powers are not just pure energy, but also has a mix of toxin. Gwen’s only regret is that her appearance also change in the process. It turns her into a freak of nature and no one can touch her because of her toxins.

In this game, Gwen’s body is full of toxins and you can help her to get her old body back by putting the pieces back together. Somehow, Gwen will find the way to get rid of her new powers and use only her old powers. The game is played via mouse and there are no time limit so there is no need to rushing to put the pieces back together. You can finish it as fast or as slow as you like it. Time is not the essence here, but if you want to challenge yourself then do it as fast as you can.

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