Ben 10: Alien Collect

The alien are back and they want to abduct some people to study on. Fortunately, there is Ben 10 to protect us. He is using the all powerful omnitrix to kick those evil alien out of our planet. Sure, it will be a fearsome battle, but that is what happens when two powerful being collide. Those alien will surely hurt little Ben, but they will remember the bravery and thus, won't be picking on helpless humans again because they knew that they will be beaten by a powerful being in the name of Ben Tennyson. Ben will be having some help from his friends, and they all have some powers within them since they are half alien themselves. Though, they are part alien, they won't tolerate the abduction of the human race for experiments.

The game is played via mouse and the rule is to collect all the aliens. There are many aliens so you need to hurry up with what you are doing. Click on a pair of aliens and they will be eliminated. It would be better if you can click on a larger group of the same alien as it would mean more score for you.

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