Ben 10: Match Alien

We all know how popular is Ben 10 since he is a world class alien fighter. He may not look like a star, but he is really one. Though, his way over his head most of the time, he is the best we have when fighting aliens. Since he is very popular, only a few people, who aren't aware of his alien transformations. There is no doubt that there are too many since he seems to replace one alien after another, which means that they won't be back. No one knew how to do this except him and his friends. Nevertheless, it is not that important as he uses it to help the people of the galaxy from anyone harassing them.

The game is played via mouse and you will need to match the aliens that are inside the boxes. It is important that you can quickly memorize the location of each alien in the boxes since you might need to come back to that later on in the game. There is no time limit in the game so you don't need to hurry. There are no other level in the game except the first one. Try it and test if you got a good memory.

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