Ben 10: Mummy Puzzle

One of the strongest alien transformation that Ben has is the mummy. Perhaps, what makes this alien invincible is the fact that it can hold inside it radiation that would kill anyone otherwise. When Ben first met the alien, it was used to contain something radiated. Aside from containing a radioactive object, it can used its bandage for fighting or a rope. You can imagine that Ben would never get a bandage since he got lots of bandage with him, but those bandages are only available when he transform into the mummy. The mummy in those science fiction films are always slow, but Ben's mummy can move fast with the help of its bandages. He could also use the bandage to wrap around his enemy and the enemy would find it hard to move.

No, you aren't going to use the mummy's power in this game since this is just a puzzle game. The game is played via mouse and you need to move the pieces around till you find to where it should belong. There are no time limits in the game so you can play it and solve the puzzle as slow or as fast as you like. And there will be no consequences if you can't finish the game immediately.

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