Ben and Gwen Puzzle

Ben and Gwen has been fighting evil aliens almost their entire life. At first, they might have a hard time fighting those aliens because they are not used to it, but as time passes by, they are able to hone their skills and is now having an easy time with the aliens. Gwen finds out that she is not only talented in martial arts, but also has an unlimited supple of powers because of her alien ancestor. Ben on the other hand is slowly learning more about the different aliens that are available in his Omnitrix. However, there are more aliens now that are stronger than the aliens they used to fight. And on top of that, their old nemesis like Dr. Animo are getting clever by the minute and so are the other enemies that they have fought back when they were young.

In this game, you get to see, how Ben and Gwen will look like when they are a lot older. No doubt, Ben will develop much bigger muscles and Gwen will be a lot sexier. The game is played via mouse you need to solve the puzzle to be able to see the whole picture. There is no time limit in this game so you can finish it any time you want.

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