Ben 10: Cars on the Road

Ben is so popular and you can imagine how much excited he is when someone appreciates him. He likes being excited because he can call upon his adrenaline, thus increasing the power of his aliens when he transformed into one of his alien transformation. However, he can't access that every time in a fight so he wants to master it and one of the best way to master adrenaline is through dangerous sport. Since, he likes fast objects, he often participated in races that might put his life in danger. One day, as the alien arrives, they started chasing Ben, but Ben transformed into Heatblast and converted his car into a flaming wheels. The aliens were so eager at killing our hero that they chase him around the city.

The game is controlled via mouse and you need to move the cursor to where you need to go. Since the setting is in the city, you can expect a lot of vehicles on the road and that is one of the obstacles that you need to overcome. Another obstacle are the alien heatbats that are following you around the city. Make sure that you won't be hit by anyone of those two. You won't explode immediately, but your life will be reduce until it hits zero.

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