Ben 10: 4 Balls

When Ben was just 10 years old, he found the omnitrix in a forest. There, he found out about the power and immediately transformed into the alien Heatblast. Ben was so scared that he set the forest on fire because of his fear. Vilgax, the most ruthless warrior in the galaxy found him and sent some drone to recover the Omnitrix. However, Ben defeated them. Soon Vilgax was sending some powerful assassins, but all of them failed. One of them become a friend of Ben Tennyson. He was from the same specie as Diamond Head. The alien even gave him a skate board, which Ben has mastered overtime. Finally, Vilgax realize that no one could mach Ben except him so he went to hunt for Ben. From then on, the two become heated rivals and were competing against one another.

The game is played via mouse and the rule is easy; the one that is able to form a 4 balls wins the game. This is a race to form four identical balls. Vilgax is controlled by the computer while Heatblast is the one that you controlled. Try o block your opponent by making sure that he can't form a four ball. Try to form four ball as quickly as you can so you can win the game.

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