Ben 10: Alien Attack

Ben Tennyson sworn to protect the world from evil aliens, so we know that we will be safe no matter how many aliens appear. But, the big question that is troubling some people is that whether Ben would be willing to protect us even if it means that he would fight one of his alien transformation. We don't have nothing to worry about since Ben is dedicated to his works. Even if that alien is like the one he transform into, he would not hesitate to fight since he is still a human. So, when a race of Swampfire invades the Earth, Ben was there to put a stop their evil plan. Unfortunately, he can't use his omnitrix since it is damage. He would need to take it to Asmutt to have it repaired.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to shoot the aliens that are attacking you. Make sure that the alien can't make a shot since you can't dodge in this game. All you can do is to make a quick draw. If it takes to long, the alien will shoot you and that will reduce your life. When the life bar is equal to zero then the game will be over.

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