Ben 10: Alien Device

A few months ago, Ben found an alien device, which he now uses to fight evil aliens. It is one of the most powerful device in the universe since it allow Ben to transform into 10 different alien. It also has the capability to absorbed an DNA, allowing Ben to transform into that alien. However, Ben can't control the Omnitrix as the alien are chosen randomly. Ben was just able to use their power since he is already familiar with them. Now, Ben learned that there is such a device that is capable of nullifying the Omnitrix - The Void Projector. It was found in the arctic circle by the plumbers and has hidden it for decades because they fear its power. When Kevin found out about it, he became interested and thus, began investigating. Kevin was able to get his hands on the Void Projector, so Grandpa Max is worried. Grandpa Max told his grandson Ben to recover it for him. However, before they can get on with the adventure, they must first find Gwen, who was said to be wondering off in the park.

The game is played with a mouse and you need to interact with your environment to play the game. Look for some clues within the game and you will eventually solve the mystery.

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