Ben 10: On the Road

Ben Tennyson got his power from the Omnitrix. As he grows stronger and smarter, so is the Omnitrix. As it seems that the alien device is growing with him. That makes the Omnitrix much powerful when it first landed on Earth. Now, with the help of the device, he can now combine some of his aliens. This gives him the ability of two aliens in one. This is something that Kevin was able to use when they first met. Ben found out that he can do the same with his aliens. Now, Ben is much more powerful than before. However, nobody knows if he can use the same full potential of both aliens. So, when an alien swarm tries to takeover New York, Ben uses his new powers to protect the world once again. He uses the power of XLR8 and Heatblast. He is fast and can shoot fire projectiles. Now, those alien will have a hard time matching his power whenever they are on the road since there are a lot of rooms for Ben to move into.

The game is played with a mouse. Move the cursor to any direction and Ben follows. use projectile by pressing the left button. Be careful when on the road since there are vehicles around that could damage you, but you mustn't destroy it. Use the projectiles for those aliens that are trying to hurt you.

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