Ben 10: Alien Power

Ben 10 got his power from the Omnitrix - an alien device that falls from the sky one summer summer day. The first time that Ben use it, he turned into Heatblast and burned the forest nearby accidentally. Now, he knows how powerful the alien transformation is and thus, he knows how to handle the device effectively. Though, he can't choose, which alien to transform into, he is able to use their power and not cause some accidents with their powers. Each alien got their strength and weakness, which Ben know now. That helps him to be able to use their power to its full potential. Without understanding such, he can't use the full power of Omnitrix.

The game is played with the arrow keys. You need to direct your device into where you want to shoot. When you are ready, press the "up" button to shoot. Shoot the alien face to the same alien. If you manage to make three alien then the aliens of the same kind will be gone. Try to shoot fast since there is a time limit with every shot you take. If you don't shoot the alien fast then the alien balls will change its settings.

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