Ben 10: Maze

When in trouble, Ben always relies on his aliens to help him out of any situation. He can't do anything if it wasn't for the all powerful alien device, Omnitrix. Without the device, there is no way that he can defeat somebody as powerful as Vilgax or even Kevin for instance. Let's say that Ben loses his omnitrix, do you think that he can do anything to stop an alien invasion. Certainly not as his power comes from the alien itself. Fortunately, this game is not about using the power of the device to win as you will solely depend on your own wit.

The game is played via arrow keys. The idea here is to get to the omnitrix as Ben loses his device in a maze. You can't stop by yourself as you will have to depend on the surrounding to stop your movement. The maze is composed of lines that will separate you from the omnitrix. There are no timer here so you can take as much time that you need. But, that won't make things much easier for you. The maze will become harder as you progress in the game, which means that you need to outdo yourself in order to finish all the levels.

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