Ben 10: Fight Power

An evil scientist want to rule the world through his monstrous creation. The military couldn't handle the monsters since they are simply too powerful. But, defeating them won't be impossible for Ben 10, the guy that could transform into 10 different aliens. Of course, he would be defeated if he isn't going to give his best in a fight with the monsters. Ben must give it all since this is for the sake of the world. The evil scientist dreams of conquering the world with his creations. But, he also plans on using his monstrous creation to conquer other planets once he conquered earth. He will be a worldwide threat someday and Ben needs to stop him now to prevent that future from happening.

The winner of the game is determine by the one standing after each level. You need to do your best by blocking, crouching and hitting the enemy. The enemy will keep on attacking so you need to defeat him first before he beats you. The idea here is to hit him repeatedly until he is gone. The monster will be much stronger as you progress in the game. The boss fight will be the hardest as you are going to fight the one responsible for the monsters - evil scientist.

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