Ben 10: Arena

Ben and his cousin Gwen are chasing an alien, but little did they know that they were headed into a trap by the sleazy alien. The alien want to lead them into the mirror world, wherein a their replica would appear and will try to beat them up so they can replace them in the real world. The alien succeeded and the replica appear, immediately attacking the two. From then on, both of them know that they must defeat their replicas if they want to get back to the real world. Ben uses his alien device to transform into different alien and Gwen uses his unlimited raw power, but their replicas can also do whatever they can so the match is really hard for the two.

Help the two to return to the real world. You can choose, which character would you want to be - Ben or Gwen. Using their power, you need to make sure that you defeat the replica inside the arena. Since this in arena type of fight, you need to push your opponent at the edge of the platform and make sure that they fell into the deep hole. You need to do it until your opponent runs out of life points. There are two arenas in the game and you can choose which arena would you want to fight.

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