Ben 10: Boom

Ben is the only hero that can transform into 10 different alien is one of the most powerful heroes we got. In fact, he is even recognized in other galaxies as he has defeated evil aliens that are threatening other worlds. He had worked with several aliens since some of them are good. Like Ben, they intended to do good things to the world by fighting anyone that will pose evil to the galaxies. Ben is also working with half breeds’ aliens to fight the evil of the world. Together, they fight the evil aliens and other people that are posing a threat to the world.

Fortunately, in this game, you are not going to fight some evil alien as this game is about different aliens that go boom. The idea here is to click on two alien of the same face to let it go boom. You can do two or more to get more points. There is also a bomb that will help you clear out an entire block. The game is played through mouse and you need to click on the picture to let it go boom. Once you clear out enough, you will immediately proceed to the next level.

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