Ben 10: kill Zombie

The zombie outbreak has taken a lot of lives already and mankind cannot afford to lose more since the number of zombies will grow with every dead people. Ben steps in to offer his help, even without the Omnitrix, he still got some cool gadgets to fight the zombies. The Plumbers has all the weapons in the galaxy and it won't be hard for them to control the pandemic, but they are busy with the alien attacks, so they let Ben to handle things on his own. Ben can handle this, but he need to upgrade his weapons.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to shoot the zombies before they even reach the barricade. Shoot them down so that, they can't damage the barricade. You can't repair the barricade while the zombies are attacking so you need to take them out immediately to avoid further damage to the barricade. You'll be earning gold after every level and you can use that to buy better weapons or to repair the barricade. The zombies will be tougher as you progress in the game, so it is important to buy better weapon as you earn more gold.

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