Ben 10: Rampage

The Megawatts are invading the earth and there are no other one that can stop them, except for Ben Tennyson. Fortunately, Ben is always there to save the day even though, the Omnitrix is having a problem and Ben can't switch into one of those alien heroes. Ben need to rely on his own skill to defeat the Megawatts. He need to punch and kick until he defeats them. There is no telling on when Ben can rely on his alien watch again. For now, that is what Ben can do and he need to collect some parts for the omnitrix.

The game is punch out game since you will need to rely on punching and kicking to defeat your enemies. There are no time limit in the game so you can take all the time in the world. What is important here is that you are able to defeat all the enemies before you can go to another portal and clear it out once more. Collect some Ben 10 signs to get more points. The game gets harder and harder as you progress and go on to the next level. Go help Ben save the world!!!

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