Ben 10: Jeepney Ride

Ben Tennyson now live in town and he bought a jeepney for a transportation because it is cheaper than a car. Everyday, he drives his jeepney for a ride to tour around the town and sometime he uses it to deliver some farm produce that he grows. However, he can't use it to deliver some animals, whenever someone wants to buy from him. His jeepney is truly useful as it has help him in his daily work and let him explore the little town and other town near it.

Drive the jeepney to the finish line as fast as you like it. There are no roads ahead so expect a bumpy ride. Do your best to balance the jeepney while driving it so that it won't crash or else you would need to restart the game. The game gets harder as you progress and the obstacle will surely be a lot harder. The game doesn't have any time limit so you can finish each level as fast or as slow as you want it to be. Enjoy driving your jeepney and make sure that you don't end up crashing your jeepney on the mountainous path. Help Ben to reach his destination safely!!!

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