Ben 10: Colors

By now, we should all know Ben 10 since he is very popular. The cartoon series is about a boy that found an alien watch. The watch helps him to transform into a powerful alien. Actually, he can transform to 10 aliens, but he can't choose the alien that he can transform into. All is done randomly, he just looks good since he is that familiar with all the aliens that he transforms into. That is good application of "knowledge is power", without his knowledge of the aliens, there is no way that he can use their power to its full potential. With the help of this alien device, he had defeated countless evil alien and human being that poses a threat to the world. But, he is not alone in his fight as he got his cousin Gwen and grandpa Max that seems to be on his side always. As he becomes a teen, there will be other people with alien DNA that will help him. In fact, his rival Kevin will also be his friend because the guy is crazy about his cousin, Gwen. So much for the introductory, now its time for the game.

The idea of the game is to follow the colors that will be highlighted in the game. At first, there will be at least one color that will be highlighted and you need to click on it. As you progress in the game, there will be more colors and the tune will form some kind of music. You need to get it right to advance and get some pints. All of your points will be erased if you commit one mistake.

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