Ben 10: Hero Hoops

Ben Tennyson is one hardworking boy and he takes his job seriously that he is always ready to take on evil alien and crazy scientist even he is on a vacation. We can see that in most of the Ben 10 episodes. This prove how serious Ben is, when it comes to fighting alien. But Ben is like any being as he needs rest and recreation. During his free-time, he like playing basketball just like anyone else on this planet. But, most of his friends are busy fighting other aliens or busy with something else so they don't have any time to play basketball that would take too long. Fortunately, that won't stop Ben from having fun by himself, he can still play basketball and the Plumbers help him create a hoop station just for him.

Ben is playing hoops and he need your help to make as much points as you can till the timer stoops ticking. Each hoop is equivalent to how many points, but there are special hoops that will either give more or will have some special effect in the game. Whatever that effect is, it only means that you can score more and you can do more hoops in the game. Don't just stop just because you got lots of hoops as you can do it again and again till the timer stops.

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