Ben 10: Mix

Ben 10 is one of the most popular cartoons today. He can be aligned among the most powerful heroes of this generation. He got powers that are simply out of this world since all of those powers have to do with aliens. He transforms into these alien and use their power to save not only this world, but other worlds as well. Surely, his power makes him one of the most powerful heroes in the cartoon world today. Of course, he is not the most powerful, but being one of the most powerful makes him popular among the youngsters. There are lots of games that are based on his character and this game is among them.

The game is played via mouse and the idea here is to align horizontally 3 of the same character so that you can score and eliminate those. You are iven 6 moves at the start and you lose it if you can’t align three of the same character. You’ll gain another one if you are able to connect six or more of the same character at the same time. The game is over when you lose all your moves. You can do it over and over again as long as you want to top the last score that you got in the game.

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