Ben 10: Urban Jeep

Everybody loves jeep because it is much cheaper than a car. It got some strong engine and can last for a long time. In fact, even one of our favorite heroes likes a jeep. Ben Tennyson bought a jeep from his earnings for fighting aliens. For your information, he gets paid by the Plumbers for fighting those evil aliens. Everybody could use some money nowadays so that we could buy anything that we want. Besides, how on earth could you possibly live if you don't have some cash with you. Let's go back to the jeep as Ben really likes it very much that he often takes it for a ride every time that he have time for it. As much as possible, he doesn't want to take it wherever there is a fight because he knows that he would lose as the villains might attack it. Anyway this jeep that he have is made for the urban area and is very tough.

Drive your jeep as fast as possible till you reach the finish line. Make sure that you don't flip over. If you do flip over then try to go back on the road. The jeep will not be repaired if you finish one level, it will just stay the way as it was. Color some Ben 10 signs to boost those score points. Use the booster to make sure that you can finish a level as fast as you can.

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