Ben 10: Golfer

Ben like to fight alien and this is not a secret. People always knew that fact and that is why, some people adore him for that. For him, it is like a recreational stuff. Fighting those evil alien is like an entertainment for him. Of course, his life is at stake whenever there are threats for the world. However, he seems to enjoy it every time, he fighting those powerful villains. He know that he could die, but no one else have the power to fight those menace from outer space. Of course, we do understand that there are the Plumbers to back him out, but they can't match the aliens since the aliens are simply powerful and going against them head-to-head is a death wish. Fortunately, there is Ben to help us out. However, there comes a time when there are no alien threats so Ben must find another way to make himself happy. Since, he stays home, most of the time, he found out that the best way to get entertained is by playing golf. Of course, he can only do that in his home.

The game is played via mouse. You need to point the mouse to what direction you want the ball flying. There are lots of obstacles in the house and we won't be talking about that much since it could be anything that can block the ball to its hole. If you can't do it in one shot then you can take as many shots as you can just like in the real golf match. There are several levels in the game and all of them will challenge you in every way.

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