Ben 10: Upchuck Unleashed

One of Ben 10's greatest foes are the "Forever Knights". This group is quite troublesome because they want to kill all aliens and those that are protecting them. That is why; they always end up fighting the Plumbers since the latter protects the good alien. It's been a long time since Ben heard about them. Ben had defeated the Forever King in a battle and Ben thought that it would be the last time that he heard about the Forever Knights, but he was wrong. Now, that Ben is already a teenager, his power also grow, allowing him to transform into more than 10 different alien. The threat of the Forever knights is back as they have been seen on their old hide outs. Ben want to uncover their plans, but he knows that should he get caught, they will immediately kill him, so he transformed into one of his favorite alien - Upchuck.

The game is like a big maze, but you will have to fight your way into the knights to get further ahead. Collect the rainbow to get more points. If you got hit collect the green orb to replenish your life. Once that your life is all out, you will transform back into Ben. Collect a green orb to transform back to upchuck. Eat something to have some ammo to fight them with.

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