Ben 10: Sokoban

Ben Tennyson loves a challenge and that is why he never gets tired from fighting aliens and evil scientists. For him, a challenge is meant to be won. Having the powerful omnitrix doesn't give him the courage to fight the threats as that it with him ever since was a kid. He would fight anyone that will do harm to him or his love ones, especially the planet to which he was born - Earth. Nothing is more precious for him than his home planet. But there are times that he fights not only for the sake of the planet, but also for the peace of other peaceful planets in the galaxy. But, as much as Ben like to demonstrate his braveness, there is one thing that you don't know about him - his intellect. He is an intellectual being after all having to control the Omnitrix. One of his favorite pastimes is playing sokoban.

In this game, there is no need to display the power of the aliens as this game is about thinking. Solving a puzzle challenges everyone and that is one thing that you would need to do to solve the problem at hand. Each level would be different from the other so you need to think ahead of the game.

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