Ben 10: Zuma

Ben 10 is one of the most popular cartoon that has lots of video games made after the franchise. Some of them are associated with the makers of the cartoon show, but there are some that are freelance and are making money from the game based on the popular hit cartoon series. There are vehicle, adventure and all sorts of games made after the hit cartoon show. The developers knew that there game would be an instant hit since most kids love Ben 10 and they would surely try the free ones that they can find on the internet. These games doesn't cost a thing for them since some developers sold it exclusively for one site, while other developers simply put some ads along with their game and let it be shared by flash game sites. IN fact, this game is doing the same thing and the developers makes cash from the ads on the game.

The game is played through mouse and the idea here is to hit the ball with the same character. If you hit a character with the same character then it will just add up, but hitting two characters with the same character will make it disappear and that is how you play the game.

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