Ben 10: Fuel Duel

Ben is Tennyson is the hero that we all turn to when their are aliens involve in any crime. Though, the aliens are not after anything small since they are only interested in world domination or conquering galaxies is what they want. Most of the time, it only falls into those two objectives. Ben 10 will not tolerate neither one and is always there, to foil their plan. Recently, Ben just receive a message from the Plumbers, telling him that he need to diffuse the bomb that is about set up in a nearby factory. Ben goes their to investigate and he is accompanied by his half-alien cousin, Gwen. The two must work together to diffuse all the bombs in time or the bomb will set off and they will be buried in the rubble.

The objective of the game is to look for bombs and diffuse it as fast as you can. Actually, the computer will diffuse it for you as you go near it. Gwen will follow you wherever you go, she will be there to assist you with her power. You need to stand in the purple light to be able to use Gwen's power.

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