Ben 10: Saving Sparksville

When Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max went to a small town to have a bonding, they weren't aware of the town's dark secret. They try to have some fun and was toured by the town mayor. There was only one rule and that is never bring a device near the giant rubber ball. Ben was curious and began playing with it along with his omnitrix. Using Fourarms strength, he easily pick up the ball and throw it around. The Omnitrix trigger the megawatt in the rubber ball to be awaken. The megawatt runs amok and Ben tried to stop it. Ben can't stop it as he can't touch it. Ben's attack only help megawatt to gain more powerful as he was doubling from each attack. Finally, when Megawatt was too many, it was attracted to the city's power source and began going towards it. They started to build a robot and went on to the city's power source. Ben turned into Heatblast and tries to stop them.

The game is played via mouse. You need to hit the robot where it is the weakest. You need to quickly hit your target and dodge because megawatt will be throwing cars on you. Make sure that you stop Megawatt or all will be destroyed.

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