Ben 10: Forever Defense

Ben 10's greatest foes comes from outside the world since most of his nemesis are evil aliens trying to take over the galaxies, but that doesn't mean that the evil men that he fight on Earth are a laughing matter. Animo is one of the pesky enemies that Ben has since he can control animals and makes them gigantic in size. Those giant animals is under his control and will do anything that he wishes. Another enemy of Ben are Forever Knights, they are ruthless and want to kill all aliens - good or bad alike. They use alien technologies to get rid of the alien. They sworn the distraction of Ben and his friends for protecting the aliens that they want to get rid of. It all started when Ben was still young and now that Ben is a teenager, their technologies seems to be a rival to that of Ben 10. Furthermore, the offiers in charge now are better than the ones that rule them. The Forever Knights are on the move again and they are determined this time. With the help of his friends Ben must once again put a stop to their evil plans.

In this game, you can control three characters one at a time. You can control Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. Each one has their own power that you can use when something is wrong with the other. No one is better than anyone so you need to switch among the characters to last long in the game.

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