Ben 10: Underworld

Kevin was once one of the bad guy, but he falls in love with Gwen when he was a teenager and has turned into one of the good guys. However, this past few days, Kevin has been acting strange. One day, he kidnap Gwen and left a note for Ben. The note says that he need to turnover the omnitrix or his cousin will be in grave danger. Ben know that there is no assurance that Gwen will not be harmed. Ben went out on a solo mission to save his cousin, Gwen. He brought along a trustee blaster that he could use to fight Kevin and his minions underground. This won't be easy for him emotionally nor physically since Kevin has been both a friend and a strong ally in the past.

Run off the underworld and collect those omnitrix. this would give you extra points. Use your blaster to get rid of those annoying robots that are trying to stop you from saving Gwen. Stay away from those glowing pit along the way as it would mean an instant death on your part when you touch them. If you can't get the omnitrix because of an obvious reason then forget about it.

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