Ben 10: Blockade

Ben got captured by one of Vilgax's robots. He was taken tot he mother ship, where he was confronted by Vilgax himself. This was Vilgax's chance to get the Omnitrix so he strip Ben Tennyson of the Omnitrix. That wasn't enough for Vilgax as he sent Ben to the prison chamber, but Ben escaped. Now, he is looking to find the omnitrix and fight Vilgax in the ship. But, he knows that won't be easy since there are lots of robots in the ship. Besides, the ship is large and finding, where Vilgax hid the Omnitrix would be like searching a needle in a haystack. Ben is so persistent because he knows that it is the only way to escape of the ship. Besides, the Omnitrix on Vilgax's hand will cause some trouble for the galaxy.

The game is played via mouse. Bounce the ball to the blockage until it is destroyed. There are other items that will help you to destroy the blockade even faster. To turn into an alien, you will need to get the alien icon to be able to turn into that alien. Each alien got their own power, which will be useful in destroying the blockade. There are those aliens that uses projectile so you need to press the mouse button to keep on firing while making sure that the ball doesn't fall out of bounce.

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