Ben 10: Cavern Run

Aside from his Omnitrix, Ben uses his wit all the time to win against the evil alien that want to do the world harm. The Omnitrix is just a device and it can't do anything great if there are no one to use it. While chasing after an evil villain, Ben was trapped in a cavern where there are lots of cliffs. Ben know that this would be a dangerous mission for him, because the Omnitrix is malfunctioning. Somehow, he can't transform into an alien. Well, at least immediately, but he can transform in the right time, but as long as the omnitrix is not working, he needs to run and jump to a safe place. He need to get out of the cave before fell down in one of the cliffs.

The game is played via mouse and you need to guide Ben to a safe place. You can't control Ben as he would run by himself, but you can draw a line that he would run on. The idea here is to make sure that Ben reaches the exit to be able to pass the level. Ben has limited steps, s it is important that you help him get out as fast as possible.

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