Ben 10: Critical Impact

Earth is in big trouble as life on Earth is threatened to be extinguished. There are no alien being that is interested to feed on human, although that do happens, but this time; it is different. Somehow, meteorites took a wrong turn and they will end up falling from the sky in a direction to the Earth. The governments of the world have sent out fighter jets to stop the meteorites from landing on solid land because those meteorites have the power of an atomic bomb when they land on solid ground. But, that is not enough as there are just too much meteorites falling from the sky. Ben is needed here, even-though, there are no alien threats.

In this game, Ben could only turn into two different aliens; Ghostfreak and Heatblast. Blast those meteorites out of the sky and turn into Ghostfreak whenever you are going to hit something that are not meteorites. Those meteorites keep on coming so you need to do these continuously. Should a meteorite passed through, your health meter will fall down. Fortunately, there is a way to refill your health meter. Grab those green orb to refill the health meter so you can keep on destroying those huge rocks from the sky.

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