Ben 10: Spore Attack

It all happened, one summer day as Grandpa Max, Ben, and Gwen spent their day on a nearby summercamp. They noticed that there lots of mushrooms around. When they found the camp kids, they noticed that they were suffering from fungus. Fortunately, they have lots of foot powder to to fight the fungus problem. Grandpa Max and his grandchildren spend their night in the cottage. Suddenly one of the campers were screaming as he was being attack by giant walking mushroom. They all went to the cottage to seek refuge, but the mushroom were persistent. Grandpa Max then remembers that there are foot powder in the cabinet. They used it to fight the giant mushroom and they were able to fend it off. But the threat wasn't over as the alien mushroom began spraying their spore outside. If they can't do anything about it then the whole world will be in grave danger. Ben turned into Stinkfly while Gwen gathered all the fot powder that she could see and rode on Ben.

The game is played via mouse. Your objective is to spray the foot powder to the giant fungus growing out the forest. Those fungus will release their spore in the air if not taken care off. Each level has its own number of fungus to be taken care off, but they will be represented as a health bar.

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