Ben 10: Power Splash

Grandpa decided to visit one of the former plumbers. He is a successful business man now, who owns not only an island, but also some parts of the water there. This seems to be a good vacation for Ben and his cousin if it not for the alien squids that roams around the area. They seem up to something diabolical. Ben eventually found out about their existence and decided to put a stop to their evil plans. Ben chases them while they were fleeing. This seems to be a hard case even for Grandpa Max since these creatures are working underwater. Ben followed them by turning into Jawhead. But, Jawhead can’t do it alone so Ben decided to turn into Stinkfly.

Either one of the two aliens can fight the alien squids. AS Jawhead, you can rely on your massive jaws to fight them, but Stink fly would just rely on his spitting power to fight them with. Collect energy boost to replenish your life force. Stay away from those underwater bombs because they will blow you away. Turn into Stinkfly to fight those evil human that kidnaps Gwen. Keep on firing your sticky bomb on those human till one of them falls down the water.

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