Ben 10: Savage Pursuit

Dr. Animo is up to no good again and Grandpa Max knows this. They are following the tracks of one of Animo's creation to his hideout. In the hideout, they found out that Animo only needs a few component to create the trans-modulator that will help him in his evil scheme. Ben need to get the components before Animo could get his hands on them. Ben need to get to the parts first and fight the mutants before they could get the parts. Should Ben fail at his mission, there will be more powerful mutants that Animo can create. These mutants will be much powerful than his previous creations and not even Ben's alien transformation can handle them.

Explore the surrounding and eliminate all the mutants that you can find. You can transform into four different alien in this game. Each one would be vital for the game so you need to use them accordingly or you wouldn't pass the first level. Don't worry, there will be some instructions to guide you at first so you can use these aliens well. If you are running out of health then you need to get the yellow orb to replenish your health. The alien transformation bar goes out quickly once you use it, but it will replenish by itself in the right time.

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