Ben 10: Jeep Race

You might think that all Ben does is fighting aliens, but that is further from the truth. Whenever there are no threats, Ben has other activities like watching movies, having dinner with friends and a lot of stuffs. But, his favorite past time is spending some time driving his new jeep. Whenever, he has time, he can't say no to a race, wherein he can use his jeep and show it around the town. There are other better jeeps out there, but since he owns the jeep, it is special than all the rest. Sure, he can't win all the race, but what matters for him is that he is having fun. He never race for the prize, but for the fun that he can get from it.

Drive your jeep as fast as you can and reach the finish line the soonest time possible. You need to understand that the jeep isn't destructible so driving it will all the necessary precautions is a must. Collect the stars while going to the finish line to boost your points. The road ahead aren't smooth so expect a bumpy ride whenever you are driving. The game gets harder and harder as you progress in the game.

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