Ben 10: Nose Doctor

Ben Tennyson has been fighting alien for a long time now, that he has forgotten about taking care of himself. Though, he always take a bath, there is one part of the body that he has forgotten about. This part of the body is essential since we also use it to breathe. Like all the other parts of the body, the nose also need cleaning. However, it is harder to clean since we can't see what is inside. Some people uses their finger to clean it, but is that really enough?

It is true that we can take away some of the dirt, but the bacteria and other things that formed inside the nose can't be taken away. That is why; there are nose doctors. These doctors specializes in cleaning the nose. They know what to do in every problem that might arise. Also, the fact that these doctors are complete with their equipment makes them better equip for the job.

This game is played via mouse and you are his nose doctor. You would need to clean his nose thoroughly. The first thing that needs to be done is to cut-out the nose hair to prepare the nose for the cleaning process. You might injured the nose so make sure that you use a cotton to wipe off the blood. Get rid of the bacteria that forms in the nose and that will make Ben happy.

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