Ben 10: Save the Town

Ben is one of the most powerful being in the world and since he has nothing to do, he spent his time saving the world against evil alien and humans that does harm to the world. That is why; he got so many enemies as all of them are defeated by Ben at one time. All of them want to take revenge against Ben. One day, they all gathered in one place and talk about how they could take revenge against their enemy, Ben Tennyson. they knew that they must join together to defeat him or they will not stand a chance against the power that Ben has. After the meeting, they have decided to attack Ben' home town so that they could take revenge on Ben. But, Ben is not going to let them have their little fun. He would fight for his town even if that means that he would fight them with no Omnitrix. Armed with a blaster that he got from Grandpa Max, he will face the enemies attacking his town.

Take Ben for a walk around his hometown. Blast the enemies as they appear. you need to hold the "space" button to refill the power of your blaster and release it to blast the enemies. Grab those droppings that the enemies gave you as they die.

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